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Wimborne Orchestra offers free Violin Tuition (31st December 2013)
In a bid to ease the shortage of string players in amateur orchestras The Wimborne Orchestra is offering free tuition on the violin.   More...

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If you have any social or other events, or any news items of interest to Broadstone, then please forward full details for publication.  More...

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Reporting Back - Annette Brooke MP - April 2014

"First, I must report very exciting news about pupils from Broadstone Middle School. From 700 teams, the under thirteen girls' football team reached the League Final and played at Wembley on Sunday, 30th March. Even better news, they won one goal to nil. I was privileged to present the medals and cup from the Royal Box at Wembley. My congratulations to the girls and their coaches.

On a more work related topic, housing issues continue to be some of the most difficult problems that are brought to my attention. We face extremely high house prices, wage levels outside of certain sectors are relatively low and there are many constraints on building more homes..." read more

Gardening Tips - April 2014

"Well, the rain has mostly stopped and temperatures are beginning to rise. However don’t be tempted by the bedding plants which are appearing in DIY stores already. Unless you have a heated greenhouse and want to plant up baskets and tubs earl, leave them until next month. You could plant some of your own seed on a sunny windowsill or in the greenhouse..." read more

Love your pet ... Love your vet : Pet's Advice Column - April 2014

Kennel Cough – is your dog protected?

Is your dog protected against kennel cough (infectious bronchitis)? Although known as kennel cough, in fact it isn't caught in kennels! On the contrary, your pet is more likely to encounter the disease wherever dogs meet, eg parks, heathland, other areas where dog walkers frequent, in the street, dog training and socialisation classes and dog shows.

Kennel cough is a highly infectious cough that affects dogs of all ages, causing symptoms of severe whooping-like coughing and breathlessness as well as high temperatures, a sore throat and lack of appetite. Even in mild cases, the need for isolation (due to being infectious and the need to prevent infecting other dogs) can hinder normal exercise, routine and socialisation. Coughing can last for some weeks and during this time more serious complications such as pneumonia may arise and can even prove fatal in older, weak or very young dogs...." read more

Historical and Current Photos of Broadstone - See Broadstone as it used to be many years ago in these early black and white photos and also how it looks today.

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