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The winter aconite (Eranthis) as most gardeners will know, is one of the earliest flowers ,along with snowdrops, to appear in the Spring. Ideal for planting under shrubs they are best planted 'in the green' so look for small pots in the nursery or garden centres and brighten up a corner of the garden near the house. Anemone Blanda and dwarf Daffodils are also available this way and it is not too late to plant up spring containers. A small evergreen, dwarf conifers or heathers plus one or two pots of bulbs or pansies will light up the patio and why not plant up a basket with more pansies or violas and trailing ivies to welcome visitors to your front door. It is time now to think about pruning bush roses. Prune them hard and they will reward you with a good show of flowers in the summer with the help of some rose fertiliser. Add a slow release fertiliser to the rest of your borders and if you have gaps look for some winter colour to fill them. Mahonia, Lonicera fragrantissima (winter honeysuckle) or one of the Daphne varieties will add both colour and fragrance.

If you have a greenhouse you have probably already thought about seed sowing but it is quite easy to grow a selection of annuals on a sunny windowsill especially with the help of a small propagator, or you can buy germinated seedlings ready to prick out. They need maximum light until they are put outside after the risk of frost is past, perhaps middle to end of May.

If all the current gardening programmes on T.V. have awakened your interest why not come along to the Broadstone Horticultural Society meetings in the War Memorial Hall, 2nd Tuesday of each month September until April, or to the Spring Show on April 7th If you need advice someone will usually have an answer. Members receive a discount at local nurseries and on Summer outings and the subscription is only £3, a bargain. Details of meetings are displayed on Residents Association notice boards or in the library.

Any further information please tel 695873.

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