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From the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain's Register of Premises, which was established in 1936, we learn that there was a pharmacy at that time in Station Road, Broadstone, under the ownership of Mr.A.B.Haynes. Alfred Beaumont Haynes passed the examination to qualify as a Chemist and Druggist in 1912. He was granted Certificate number 18944 and appears to have purchased the pharmacy in 1924. Prior to that it is likely that drugs were dispensed by Dr. J. C. Norman who practised from the original Hadleigh House. Mr. Haynes, who was a local J.P., continued in business from the same address until the shop closed in 1968.

A second pharmacy was added to the Register of Premises during 1937. It was known as The Broadway Pharmacy and was owned by a partnership of three men. There was Charles Frederick Robert Pars of Swanage, who had registered as a Chemist and Druggist in 1881. The other two partners were Archibald Edward Robinson and James Wilson Forsey, both of Bournemouth. They had registered in 1910 and 1925 respectively, and all three appeared to have their own pharmacies elsewhere. The Pharmacy traded as Pars & Co even after Mr Pars retired in 1943. The business was sold to Leonard William Davies in 1947. He had registered as a Chemist and Druggist in Barry, Glamorgan in 1938. We know that his certificate number was 37771. Both Messrs Haynes and Davies recognised the importance of advertising in the Ratepayers' Association Magazine. They both took half page advertisements in 1960. During 1969, the registered address was expanded to Broadway Pharmacy, 175 Blandford Road and traded as L.W. Davies until it was sold in 1981 to H. J. & E. Bowsher, who continued to trade under their name until it closed in 1997.

In the same year (1997) Boots opened a satellite branch at 184b Lower Blandford Road. Will someone tell the Editor when the Broadway is Lower Blandford Road and when the Lower Blandford Road is The Broadway? Similarly, he would like to know when Station Approach was Station Road, or were both names synonymous?

A third pharmacy was added to the Register of Premises during the year 1967 at 192c Lower Blandford Road. The ownership of this pharmacy was in the hand of William David Emmett, who also operated a pharmacy at the Triangle, Upton Cross. Mr. Emmett later added another pharmacy to this group at Corfe Mullen. This was subsequently sold and today trades as H. J. & E. Bowsher.

When the pharmacy of A. B. Haynes closed in 1968, Mr Emmett acquired the stock and the number of pharmacies in the village reverted to two.

In 1972 it was the turn of Mr Emmett to sell up, and both his premises in Lower Blandford Road (The Broadway) and the Upton Cross branch were acquired by W.Aston & Co. The trading name now changed to W.Aston & Co. This was how the situation remained Until 1983 when John Michael Bullivant, who had qualified as a pharmacist in 1962, purchased it from W.Aston & Co and commenced trading as J. M. Bullivant (Chemist) Ltd. Coincidentally, Mr Bullivant had commenced his management career under the direction of Mr. A. E. Robinson (see earlier description of the Broadway Pharmacy) at a branch of Pars & Co, Poole Hill, Bournemouth. In 1965 he transferred to W. D. Emmett, The Triangle, Upton Cross, before moving to !92c Lower Blandford Road in 1967, where he acted as manager for both Mr. Emmett and, later, for W. Aston & co.

In 1994 Bullivants was bought by M H Ltd. They were primarily wholesalers with a national chain of retail pharmacies. At around this time it was becoming a trend for national pharmacy wholesalers to purchase retail pharmacies in order to protect their own share of the market, and to allow individual pharmacies to remain competitive to the threat from supermarkets. The pharmacy continued to trade under the Bullivant name for some 12 months after the purchase date, after which the trading name was changed to Hills Pharmacy. This was the trading name adopted by AAH for all their retail pharmacies. At a later date M H merged the retail side of their business with another national chain, and they now trade as Lloyds Chemists.

During 1987 the number of pharmacies in the village increased to three with the opening of Arrowedge Ltd at 188b Lower Blandford Road. Arrowedge are a small, local group of pharmacies with a head office in Parkstone.

The Residents' Association acknowledges with thanks information provided by the Museum of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

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