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Since becoming aware of the rumours that have been in circulation this year regarding the withdrawal of Home Beat Officers, we have been consulting with Superintendent Chris Dennis of Poole Division, and have also written to the Chief Constable expressing concern if the rumours were correct, we would be unable to function. We have been assured that we will retain our H.B.O., although due to manpower shortages he will not be as visible in the village as we would like. Most Police forces now rely heavily on information received and we would like to bring the following points to the notice of all residents. If you see or hear something you are concerned about, report it - it won't go away if you ignore it - it will only get worse.

Become fully conversant with the ways of reporting various types of information i.e.: In an emergency ring 999 for an immediate response; For a Police Presence required as soon as possible, but not an emergency, ring 552099 and ask for Control Room; To pass information for local area ring 223590 and ask for Nick Wyer, you may get an answer phone, so have your message written out ready, there is of course no one to talk to. Remember to state your name, address and phone number at the beginning of your message. Response may not be immediate as Nick may not be available for 48 hours, but he will get back to you.

We can do a lot to help ourselves by taking a good look at our property and starting on the boundaries with thorny hedges, secure gates to rear of property, security lighting, door chains etc., no windows or doors open or unsecured whilst you just pop down the garden. The opportunist burglar, and most are, will hopefully go for an easier target. Your motor vehicle, please treat the vehicle and its contents as valuable, do not leave anything - even an empty box on show in the car when you leave it, even just to pop into a shop. Do not put anything in the boot and then walk away leaving the vehicle unattended, this is an open invitation to someone watching to try their luck. Ladies if you drive to an open area to walk the dog and you feel the need to take a handbag, DO NOT leave it in the car, invest in a "bum bag" which will act as an ordinary handbag and if necessary can be fixed round your waist, (bag to the front please) and leave both hands free; not exactly a fashion icon, but practical. Then enjoy your walk having taken care to lock all doors and windows before leaving your vehicle, hopefully it will be intact when you return.

Personal safety, try to appear confident at all times, you are less likely to be troubled. When shopping do not leave handbags, purses, or wallets, in trolleys or vulnerable pockets. It only takes a second for some light-fingered person to remove it, and you may not even be aware it is missing. After dark stick to well lit and populated areas, carry a personal alarm if you are concerned and be prepared to use it. It's no use if it can't be activated immediately. Try to remain with other people, there is a certain safety in numbers, and be aware of what is going on around you.

The Future of Neighbourhood Watch is bright with more people joining together to assist their neighbours to keep theirs a friendly and crime free area, it's not only crime but the well being of others that makes for a friendly safe area for all.

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