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Guiding in Broadstone started in 1919 with he opening of the 1st Broadstone Guide unit and over the past 80 years has gone from strength to strength. We now have I Rainbow unit, 5 Brownie units, 4 Guide units and 1 Ranger unit in Broadstone with approximately 260 girl members.

The girls aged between 5 years and 7 years attend the Rainbows, who have a varied programme ranging from crafts (making homes for teddies) to having a circus theme visit from a juggler and also having a visit from some of the residents of the Ringwood Owl Sanctuary.
The Brownies are aged from 7 years to 10 years and have a more structured programme of activities and events, with interest badges ranging from World Culture to Entertainer to Artist. Some girls also attend local or district Pack Holidays, where they spend a week during the school holidays camping in a school or church hall, taking part in various activities and visiting new places of interest.

The girls transfer to Guides when they are ten, where they then become more independent than the Brownies. Here they are allowed to choose and organise their own programmes of events and activities based around a basic theme, which for the new millennium is called 'Go For It', which includes topics such as healthy eating, survival, parties, flights of fancy & fitness. Guides also go camping each year with their units and last year they also attended a County Camp held near Dorchester, with over 1000 participants, where a good time was had by all. At these camps, the girls not only learn how to look after themselves but also how to work together in their patrols. One guide unit recently even spent their summer camp over in Sweden. They also have fun evenings such as swimming evenings, wall climbing at local sports centres, canoeing in Poole harbour or barbecues on the beach in the summer.

When girls reach the age of 14 years, they are able to go on to join the Broadstone Ranger unit, where they plan and organise their own evenings. Their activities are varied and include such things as discussion evenings, watching videos, cooking, making jewellery or even visiting the theatre to see a show.

There are also exiting opportunities for the older Guides and Rangers to represent their country by visiting countries overseas and spending time with other Guides and the* families and also having the chance of attending World Camps.

Most of the units in Broadstone take part in the annual Poole Swimarathon and the Broadstone Christmas Parade is always very popular and well supported by the girls whether they are walking participants or sitting on one of the vehicular float entrants.
Many of the girls also enjoy entertaining the older Broadstone residents with carols at Christmas time.

Guiding is now moving into the 21st century and with it will come new style uniforms for the girls and new exciting ideas for activities which will reflect the modern world without forgetting the basic principles around which guiding is based.

The Broadstone District, recently held a millennium party for the Rainbows, Brownies and Guides at Poole Grammar School. The event was organised with a circus theme and over 100 girls spent the afternoon with craft activities and being entertained by Bobby the Clown as well as participating on stage.

We now need more adults to help cope with the growing number of girls joining or on waiting lists to join our units in Broadstone. We would like to open another Rainbow unit and would like to hear from women in the area who have some spare time each week and would be willing to use that time to help the Guide Association. If you would like to become a Guider or would like more information, please contact me Janet Elliott on 01202 605047.

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