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I was born in north London, so I am not a 'local', but I have lived in the Poole/Bournemouth area for 32 years and in Broadstone for the last 24 years. Having spent most of my schooldays in Birmingham and then lived for short times in both Kent and Sussex, I moved back to live and work in London. A girl friend and I came down from London for a six-month holiday job in a hotel in 1969 and I never went back again, although my friend did! I couldn't believe that people actually got paid to live and work in an area like this and quickly decided that it was the place for me to stay. Since then, my parents, my sister and brother-in-law and my nephew and his wife have also moved to the area!

I had been a warden for quite a few years and I took over as an area warden after I retired. I think that it is great to have the time and energy to be able to put something back into the community (after a lifetime of never having the time and seldom having the energy to do so! !). I am also a voluntary warden for the National Trust on Brownsea Island. This entails spending a day at a time on the island, walking round, helping visitors if requested to and checking for any signs of fire -the one real danger on the island. The more that I go to the island the more that I love it; itis an incredibly peaceful and beautiful island and feels like a different world from the mainland. My other hobbies are gardening, walking, keeping fit, doing various sewing-type crafts, the theatre and travelling. I am lucky in having friends all round the world, so most of my money is spent on travelling. As well as my own pastimes I also assist my sister, Pam. She is a Garden Designer and when she starts her projects I help out with holding tape measures and noting existing aspects and requested aspects of the gardens. Pam has the inspiration and the ability to translate it into a design but I enjoy assisting with the menial tasks and feeling part of the project. Some of her projects involve tidying up the garden first so, under her instruction, I have become a dab hand at weeding and clearing and pruning.

I support the Broadstone Residents Association because I think that it is important to keep the facilities and the 'centre' in Broadstone, so that it retains its identity and individuality and does not become just one of the suburbs of Poole. I think that we are very lucky to live in such a beautiful area and that it is in our own interests to try and preserve and develop it for the future.

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