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Warden - Whitchurch Avenue

Being a Warden is for me being part of the community. I arrived here when Councillor Bob Hann was "Mayor" of Broadstone and we all thought of Broadstone as a village. The Greenhayes estate was part of Ayton's Nursery, and you could fill a bucket with blackberries from where Steepleton Road bungalows now stand. Broadstone is now too big and sprawling to be a true village any more but is a neighbourhood with its own individuality.

Throughout these years of change and growth the Residents Association has done a steady job of looking after Broadstone's interests and maintaining that individuality. Whilst being very appreciative of that hard work, there has been the odd occasion when I personally have not agreed with the perceived wisdom. Now far be it from me to be controversial but I will mention two items.

To ban lorries from Broadstone Way from the Broadstone Roundabout to Cabot Lane (few turnings, no residential frontages) and so increase lorry use on other, entirely residential roads seemed quite nonsensical.

Another subject that raised the hackles was the tree felling in Broadstone Recreation Ground, as it used to be called. An area of sports pitches and general walking for people and dogs to exercise, it forms a green lung in a now heavily built up area. Broadstone Park, if you like but certainly NOT a nature reserve. "We must put the area back to what it was --acid heathland" they say. Again a nonsense, if you go back far enough it was forest, it was man that felled the forest and created the more barren heath. So those that fell trees in the Park today, continue that destruction. Let us hope that residents with a more positive approach to the Park will come forward.

So there are local issues and the Residents Association is the place for them. Broadstone is a centre of much activity with good services especially our schools and the numerous clubs and societies. I count myself fortunate to live here and to assist the Association in a small way. Fortunate again to be warden for Whitchurch Avenue and its lovely people, meeting them once a year to collect the £1. Charming how many try to give a second £1 when delivering the winter mags!

And that brings me back to that word "community". That is what we have in Broadstone, may the Residents Association long strive to keep it so.

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