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Area Warden - Area 3

I love Broadstone. I wasn't born here so technically I'm not a "local" although I have lived here for the last 30 years, with one 3 year break in Colehill. I couldn't wait to return - Colehill is a lovely place but lacks the friendliness and community spirit of Broadstone.

We came from Sussex on a whim. We decided we'd like to live near the coast and couldn't afford Sussex prices. My husband had spent many happy childhood holidays in the area so we used Bournemouth as a base to look around. A familiar story? One day, between Estate Agents, we both needed the toilet and found one in Broadstone- along with four Agents we hadn't previously visited. Everything flowed, you might say, from there!

Our two sons were born while we lived in West Way and when they were growing up I took up various voluntary works. I should explain that my husband came from an engineering background and I'd been in banking and finance so both of us had jobs to come to on our move down here. However, when we were both made redundant within the same week, we decided that having already taken one plunge in uprooting ourselves from family and friends in Sussex, we might as well take the next step, which was to become self-employed. We set up a decorating business and once we'd established our home in Upton Way in 1978 and the boys had started school, I found time to work for an organisation called "Home Welcome". I think it still exists but not in Broadstone. It entailed welcoming new families to their homes with a goodie bag provided by local businesses who sponsored us. (There were usually special offers and discounts available).

I came to know the Residents' Association, or the Ratepayers' as it was then called, when Mr. Lodder was Chief Warden. He used to provide me with 40 or so magazines to hand out to new residents; they often said how useful they found the Directory Section.

In 1986/7 I met a former neighbour who was a Road Warden at the time and who offered to share his area with me. I soon found myself with all of it - 130 members at the last count. Now I'm an Area Warden and I'd like to take this opportunity of thanking my Wardens for their support. However, we still need more help in Area 3. Any offers?

When I returned to work in 1989 I was still able to continue waitressing and washing up for Broadstone Luncheon Club and am still involved to this day after 14/15 years. Its along training before you get promotion! Only joking, but again we're DESPERATE for help.

I don't just love meeting people - I love cats too. I'm the Membership Secretary and Neutering Co-ordinator (no, don't ask) for Bournemouth & District Cats Protection League.

Voluntary work aside, our decorating business has flourished and I'm responsible for the bookkeeping and wages for our ten employees which now includes our two sons.

Broadstone continues to grow and in the 30 years we've been here, we've seen many changes, some for the good, some not. I just hope it never loses the "village" feel about it and that I may continue popping down to the shops and never fail to bump into somebody I know.

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