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I came to Broadstone when I married. My husband's family lived in Merley, and he had started his education privately in the Ridgeway and then went on to Wimborne Grammar. He was one of six and his siblings went to Mr Smith's School. I myself was born and bred in Christchurch, although my father arranged for my birth in Tuckton Nursing home, just over the Bournemouth border. We have lived in the same home since arriving here.

Although my father-in-law was a Warden for the Ratepayer's Association at Merley, when it covered a much wider area, I became a Warden 25 years ago through a colleague at work who was a secretary for the Association. My road was Springdale Avenue, which I have covered ever since. At the instigation of Colin Kendall I became a Warden representative on the Executive Committee, and that probably means that I have been on the Committee for about 20 years. I felt able to take on the extra duties of an Area warden when I retired a couple of years ago.

My number one interest is walking. This is a hobby I share with my husband and my dog. (I brought my dog with me when I married as part of the marriage contract 33 years ago.) We aim to do one walk of 10-12 miles each week, and on other days we usually walk 4-6 miles. The shorter walks provide us with the opportunity of keeping an eye on Broadstone' s and surrounding area's amenities. If we see anything wrong, like a blocked culvert in Delph Woods, we immediately alert either a local Councillor or Council official.

My second most important interest I used to share with my father, but not my husband. I was taken to watch AFC Boumemouth when I was 3 years old. I have now been a supporter for 59 years although sadly my father had to give up when he was 80 and so now! go alone. Before marriage lused to go to Away games as well, but as a concession to my husband I usually restrict myself to Home games now!

Before I married I had been working for a family building firm in Christchurch for 11 years, after my move to Broadstone I delivered lottery tickets for AFC Bournemouth to their agents, using the club's van. When we could afford a second car, I returned to my job in Christchurch, but after 3 years the increased traffic and travelling got too much for me. I ended up working for accountants Lloyd-Allen, Day & Co. for 23 years. I've always been quite good with figures and! became abitofan expert in employment law too.

I'd like to write about the old Broadstone Film Society and my most recent interest, which is the Cinnamon Trust, but I've run out of space.

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