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In the fast moving world of work many career young couples at some point have to consider the daunting notion of childcare once they start a family. This can become a nightmare because today there are so many options to consider. Do they need full day care for babies and toddlers, sessional care with or without a lunchtime cover, or do they want an individual carer such as a childminder? This will so often depend on their working hours whether they work full time or part time or flexible hours and how much support can they get from members of the family. All this before they start to consider the other options such as placements and cost.

Lists of registered placements can be obtained from the local Children's Information Service on Tel: 0 1202 261999. It is important that only registered and approved placements are used. They are regularly inspected and will be able to share their external reports with parents, such as the Inspection report on premises and care and the OFSTED report on curriculum provision, staffing qualifications and adult child ratios adopted. When a decision has been reached on the service that most meets the family needs, visiting at least two or three placements is a must. Remember your child is the most precious resource that you have and cannot ever be repeated. Do not decide just to look at 'brand' name settings look around and see what meets your needs. Check around for references, ask for a brochure to gain an insight into the aims, policies and procedures adopted by the placement. The placement is only as good as its personnel regardless of qualifications.

On visiting the placement take note of how you are greeted, how much time you are given to look around. Are you and your child made to feel welcome? Is it a stimulating place with children's work around and evidence of fun opportunities having taken place? Does the manager know the children? What sort of rapport does the staff have with the children? Are the children responsive and well managed? Is learning fun and self generated with the right support and understanding of the individual stages children develop through? Did you know that over half of a child's intellectual growth is complete by age of five?

At the Broadstone Christian Nursery it is important that children are given opportunities to use and develop all their sensory skills so that their individual strengths and weaknesses can be assessed to enable the staff to fully address all children's individual needs. It works on a process of love, fairness, awareness of others and good Christian values as well as strong partnerships with parents.. The nursery has expert support and advice from a nationally recognised early years adviser and practitioner who deals with children who need diagnostic testing. All staff work to the principles of good practice as nationally required by the national occupational standards, the National Day Nurseries and the National Children's Bureau. The Nursery works through recommendation and already has children's names on their lists for 2003. The choice parents have to make is crucial for the child's development as a rounded, confident personality and future achievement success.

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