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The Blackwater Stream, known officially as the Arrowsmith, rises from a collection of springs between Clarendon Road and Springdale Road. Having made its way under the Higher Blandford Road, it crosses the golf course, passes under the Trailway, and after flowing through Delph Woods is culverted under Gravel Hill, before eventually making its way to join the Stour.

In a letter from the Environment Agency to the Residents' Association, Chris Doyle, the Customer Contact Officer, described it as an interesting watercourse. He referred to a report from Andy Strevens - Fishery Team Leader - as follows: "The lower part of the stream (downstream of Canford Village) has a fairly diverse fish population, with most of the species present in the Stour also present here. (e.g. dace, pike, chub, eel and minnow), plus a few exotic escapees (e.g. carp). Upstream of Canford Village, the fish population is less diverse. We believe that the entire stream was once very important for sea trout spawning and nursery."

As recently as 1999 several small trout and many minnows were seen in the stream. The Conservation Officer, Emma Protheroe was also quoted in the letter as stating: "The top end of this stream, to the north of the golf club, is a Site of Nature Conservation and Importance (SNCI), designated by the Dorset Wildlife Trust for heathland and acid grassland. It includes the stream from its origin downstream to Arrowsmith House. There are records of grass snake and otter in the area of the stream."

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