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It has never been easier to keep in touch. This applies to residents and visitors alike. At Broadstone library you can now drop in anytime and email your family and friends. The library now has 5 computers for public use, all free of charge. If you are a visitor all that is required is some basic identification and the staff will issue you with an Internet only library ticket and log you on to a computer. The sessions last for 30 minutes and can be extended if no one else is waiting to use the computer. On production of more comprehensive identification you will be entitled to a Visitors ticket which will allow you to borrow any of the library items for loan such as books, which are free; CDs, DVD's or videos for which there is a weekly hire charge.

If you are a resident why not take advantage our computing facilities, not only for keeping in touch by e mail, but for surfing the world wide web as well. You may use these facilities for shopping, keeping up to date with current affairs or booking your own holidays! We also have software packages to enable work on spreadsheets, presentations and word documents. If it's information that you want, then we now have the whole world at our finger Ups to help you with your enquiries. If you wish to brush up on your IT skills why not call in for a chat to our Community Learning Officer, Bridget Foster, who will be able to advise on your training needs. Bridget is in the library on Monday mornings and will be happy to help.

Regular visitors to the library may have noticed a number of changes over the past few months.

We have recently re introduced our Friday Storytime sessions for pre school children. This takes place on Fridays at 2.15pm and lasts for half an hour, so Mums and toddlers come in and see us!

We also have our Events Diary, which is available as always for you to write in all those local forthcoming events that you wish to publicise.

Our audio visual entertainment section is undergoing constant revision to keep up with changing trends and we have recently expanded our collection of CDs and films on DVD and video. The pricing structure for these items has also been reviewed so that you can now borrow a DVD for as little as £1.50 per week.

Books are of course as popular as ever and we continue to add all the latest favourites to our shelves. So, whether you are a visitor or a resident relaxing at home there's something at your local library just for you.

Felicity Jones Library Manager.

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