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Broadstone First School is proud to be part of the Healthy Schools Scheme which aims to encourage schools to make life a health promoting experience for all children and adults who teach, learn and work in them.

There is recognition that poor health can cause under achievement; equally, poor education on personal, social and health issues can be a cause of a less healthy society.

We have celebrated being awarded our Healthy School Status for the third year running.

Last year one of our target areas was healthy eating and the whole school took great delight taking part in food week, in the Summer Term.

Broadstone itself became an interactive learning zone with trips to Long's Fish and Chip Shop and surveying of the local food stores on route.

There were trips to Safeways, Sainsbury's and Tesco's to see how food is stored and prepared.

The children were fascinated by their behind the scenes experiences and we are extremely grateful for such valuable local support.
There were visiting speakers including a local apiarist (beekeeper), Dave Bennett from Bennett's the Bakers and the Dental Health Nurse.
Not only were there visits and visitors but hands on preparing, creating and tasting of food were also part of the programme. The children made delicious fruit smoothies, kebabs and tropical fruit salads, which, when it came to tasting, disappeared very rapidly. Baked products were also prepared and it seemed a form of torture to be walking past the kitchen when the baked potatoes, honey cakes, pizzas and bread were being cooked!

The children also studied how to balance the food groups to ensure they eat a healthy diet. Fruit became high profile in lunch boxes and the children had such fun.

Possibly the most rewarding aspect of the whole week, apart from the buzz of activity, was to hear from parents who were delighted that their children were now asking for healthy foods they had never been prepared to try before.

Hopefully the seeds are now sown to promote a healthy eating lifestyle which will lead to continued good habits.

Daphne Hayward, Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education Co-ordinator, Broadstone First School

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