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Do you know of these businesses? Visitors are often impressed by Broadstone' s busy and richly filled little high street with its wide variety of traders. From small family-run concerns to larger shops and franchises, the "village" provides most requirements for day-to-day living.

However, take a glance behind the shop fronts of the Broadway and there's a wealth of businesses offering a huge range of products. From service industries, such as accountancy or architectural design, to engineering and manufacturing, there's a surprising cornucopia of businesses to be found. Around 250 different organisations in total! So where are all these businesses? They're above the shops, behind them, in and around the commercial centre of Broadstone. There are also many home based "cottage industries". To appreciate the full and varied extent of these businesses browse through the business section of our well constructed and maintained web site, These are all local business concerns, employing local people, generating income and helping to bring prosperity to our area.

Do the businesses know of each other? Most Broadstone businesses operate in relative isolation. Joining together with other small businesses as a group is of mutual benefit and truly there is strength in unity. The newly revised Broadstone Chamber of Trade & Commerce (BCTC) provides a common voice for local business concerns that's listened to and respected. The BCTC assists and promotes local trade and small business. It helps discuss planning matters, traffic concerns, policing issues. It raises its profile by various events through the year such as the Christmas parade, and in doing so supports local charities.

If you represent a business why not try some good old fashioned networking at Chamber meetings? Meet each other, talk to each other. Find out what happens in your neighbourhood. The BCTC offers the chance to get together, discuss what's happening in and around Broadstone. There are regular six weekly committee meetings. You'll often have the chance to mull things over with Bob Williams, local councillor, Graham Mason, Mayor of Poole, Annette Brook, local MP. If you find attending these regular meetings difficult, there are three special meetings each year with guest speakers introducing subjects relevant to small businesses.

Last November there was a short presentation from the Directors of Business & Commercial finance who are newly relocated to Broadstone. The theme 'Business Money' was of particular interest to those with business mortgages arranged two or more years ago, as restructures can result in substantial savings. Early in 2003 there will be one evening spent on dealing with effects of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. (Part III of the DDA means service providers may have to consider physical adjustments to their premises, coming into force in 2004.)

Let the businesses reach out to you. The Broadstone Residents Association has close connections with the BCTC and would like to include interesting and stimulating articles in future editions on some of the various businesses to be found in and around Broadstone. If you're a member of the Chamber and would like to submit some copy, please contact John Milhofer, 603569. If you'd like to find out more about joining the BCTC please contact Don Harris, Secretary on 692746 or David Allen, Chairman on 692493.

To be part of the community takes time, a commodity ever in short supply. Consider using modern technology, computers and the internet, to take some interest in local activity. offers much useful information on local community concerns and businesses. To interact further, contact its web master David Anderson through the web site.

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