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We are constantly bombarded from every direction with advice about how to lose weight, how to tone your thighs, how to put weight on and how to reduce the size of this and that! The bottom line is that most of us need to eat a little less and exercise a little more! If we accept this fact, the next question that springs to mind is what sort of exercise should we indulge in? Should we rush out and buy copious amounts of Lycra and join an aerobics class, or borrow your teenage son's football boots and join a local team? Maybe the local golf club would be a good idea when the sun is out? (I'm not so sure when its raining!!!)

I have been asked to help you make this most taxing decision, and to point out the benefits of swimming as a form of exercise for all. We all set different targets for our personal desired outcome of all this rushing about. Some of us just want to lose a little weight. Some just want to get a little fitter. Swimming could be the answer to both of these aims. Swimming has something to offer to everyone. It may be that over time even though your mind is willing, your body may be a little argumentative! Swimming, however, is still a possibility for you. A small amount of regular gentle exercise remains as an option. Swimming exercises the whole body, not just your arms or legs. It is non-weight bearing, and so will not usually aggravate an existing problem or injury, and does not usually conflict with specific training techniques for other sports. As a result, swimming can be used as an alternative training method to add interest and variety to any training programme. As another advantage, there are a huge number of different ways of enjoying the water - synchronised swimming, sub-aqua diving, water polo, competitive swimming, diving, octopush, life saving, survival and, not to mention a quiet swim about with family and friends. All types are of benefit to mind and body. They are all sociable and fun. There are clubs locally for all these activities who will welcome new members of all ages. So make your decision and get out there and join the rest of us with goggles in hand. Have fun in the water!!!

For all your swimming needs, visit the S.O.S Swim shop at 15 Moor Road, Broadstone, or call 01202 699451 for details of learn to swim courses for children and adults alike. Aquafit sessions are also available for both teens and adults.

Join us today and make the most of the opportunities available to you.

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