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I believe you should do whatever type of exercise you enjoy most so long as you work at your own level. I do not subscribe to the 'no gain without pain' philosophy. It should feel good not painful! Gently push yourself when you feel ready. The recommended frequency is 3 to 4 sessions per week of 30-40 minutes per session making sure, if you are a beginner, to start at a lower level. Interchange your activity to get a balance of all over fitness. If you are not sure you are doing the right exercise it would be wise to consult a Doctor or a Fitness Professional like myself to guide you in the right direction for your specific needs, Remember if you don't use it you lose it and many middle aged people will already relate to this philosophy.


Here I give you the medical benefits. You may find something you would like to improve on and, at the same time, increase your sense of well-being.


  • Improved posture, balance, co ordination, circulation, strength, flexibility, mobility of joints and spine and release the 'feelgood' hormone endorphins.
  • Improved muscle tone and stretch for support and a full range of movement
  • Improved lung capacity and elimination of CO2 (carbon dioxide).
  • Improved strength in muscles. Improved stamina, heart muscle and cardiovascular functions.


  • Improved circulation, laying down of new bone cells. Improved function of brain and nervous system.
  • Improved digestion and rhythmic flow of food through the abdominal vessels (peristalsis).
  • Aided excretion of waste products. Fighting infection.


  • Improved blood pressure control. Creates inner harmony between organs and glands.
  • Improved immune system. Aided weight control. Improved capillary exchange of gasses. Improved ability to break down fats. Balanced metabolic rate.
  • Improved skin and its ability to register the atmosphere. Controlled inner temperature. Sharpened reflexes and improved balance.
  • Good posture alignment with all joints resting evenly one upon the other. Prevented uneven joint wear and tear which causes strain on muscles resulting in aches and pains.
  • Widened range of vision and reduced risk of falling (safer for driving and crossing the road). Improved depth of breathing aiding chest problems.
  • Aided venous return (blood flowing back to the heart via the veins) this helps to reduce the possibility of weakened valves in the veins resulting in back flow, varicose veins and swollen ankles plus the aches in the legs which will inevitably follow.

I have been teaching fitness for over 20 years and experienced most of the fads that have come in and out of fashion. During that time I gained a range of qualifications and a wealth of experience in training people of all ages and abilities, shapes and sizes. I teach Pilates and the Chi Ball method and hold classes in Broadstone as well as Upton and Colehill. l also run Personal Training sessions in my studio in Broadstone as well as in private homes locally.

The Pilates techniques are, in my opinion, the safest you can practice for good posture and alignment. It is an 'as well as' not an 'instead of' regime so it will complement whatever activity you undertake and can improve your performance and posture.

You are never to old to start so come on and give it a go!

Joan Harrison, Reflex Fitness

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