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When I first started my dance classes in 1996 in the Broadstone Youth Centre, some of the ladies had not danced for many years, and few of them knew each other. Now, 8 years later many of them still come on a Thursday morning to meet their friends, enjoy themselves, have a chat, dance and stay healthy.

What has happened over these 8 years? Well , we have certainly enjoyed ourselves and even managed to raise over £4,000 for the British Heart Foundation through regularfund raising dances. These dances along with other socials throughout the year brings all my different classes together enabling new friendships to be made. We have even managed some successful ‘Match Making’ in our Salsa groups!

Once a year many of my dancers take part in our Medal Test day. As a teacher with the United Kingdom Alliance of Professional Teachers we were the first society to introduce medal tests in Line Dancing. A number of my men and ladies have progressed from the first stage Level to Gold Bar standard and above making me very proud indeed.

Salsa dancing is extremely popular and this too has brought many successes in Medal Tests. Although Salsa is a partner dance many ladies dance together — however we could do with a few more men from Broadstone to strut their stuff too!

I teach a wide age range throughout my classes from teenagers to couples in their 70’s adding fun and atmosphere to the dance sessions.

We all enjoy regular luncheon dates, social events and Christmas festivities.

Staying fit and healthy is a combination of many things, a healthy diet, a moderate amount of exercise, and the continuous interest to learn new skills whether they be another language, painting, plumbing or even dancing!

I hope my dance classes have helped in a small way to fill these needs and that my classes continue to encourage health and friendships in Broadstone.

Barbara Spencer, U.K.A. Professional Dance Teacher

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