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When the Residents Association asked me to write a piece for the summer magazine my first thought was "As a resident, why should I care about the Chamber of Trade?" Well, I can speak as both a resident and a business owner of Broadstone and would like to think that the answer is "For many, many reasons!"

First and foremost, the Chamber of Trade is a body created to represent all Business in the catchment, large or small, providing goods and services. A recent trawl of the business directories found over 200 businesses using Broadstone addresses, many from home, and this does not include those trading under their own name, or not listed formally on a website, somewhere in cyberspace.

Each and every one of these businesses forms an important part of our social fabric and the Chamber can provide them with a voice to get their message to residents, or as a network to build their business with other like minded local people.

Whether you are working from new offices in Manor House or from the spare bedroom in West Way or a tiny unit in Moor Road there is an organisation that can help your business to succeed. We provide valuable education in the form of member accountants, solicitors and other professionals, on hand to give advice you might otherwise not be able to access or afford. We provide the opportunity to meet other business managers and owners who could potentially use your business, or offer ideas to help you exceed your business expectations, and regularly provide outside speakers to inform and update on issues that could help or hinder your progress to business greatness.

So each business that comes to Broadstone or flourishes here helps the greater business community to grow and that in turn makes Broadstone a better place to be for all the residents.

Just think, if Broadstone were not a successful business community, would Tesco have upgraded their store here? And if Tesco had not upgraded their store or the trading community not been vibrant and growing, do you really think Somerfield would have chosen our little "village" to place its first Marketfresh store outside London. I don't think so!
So, the Chamber of Trade helps this business community to survive and grow, and its growth leads to further development and brings us all more customers and therefore allows more people to believe that they too can pursue their dream and start their own business and so it goes on.

And to give something back directly to the residents that serve these businesses, we give the Annual Christmas Parade, and the Christmas Lights. They may not have the "wow" factor of Westbourne or the razzmatazz of Wimborne's Folk Parade but they belong to us.

Thousands of people come to Broadstone on parade day, rain or shine, people who may never otherwise have cause to come here! This brings us all business in one form or another and for the residents, provides a great audience for the many children on their marathon parade through the centre.

They put money in our collection buckets, which allows us to raise over £1000 each year for local charities here in Broadstone and Poole, and to collect literally hundreds of toys every Christmas for children at the Ted Webster Family Centre.

So next time you wonder what the Chamber of Trade has got to do with the residents, ask yourself this. If there were numerous empty shops in Broadstone, and the streets weren't bustling and the car parks almost full, would you want to live here?

You can buy almost anything from a shop in Broadstone if you think about it. And just about any service you might need is here. Our job is to get that message across to the residents so you don't need to go anywhere else. And the better we do that job, and the larger we grow, the more desirable Broadstone will become and that will suit everyone – resident, business owner and those who have a foot in both camps like me!

Vikki Slade

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