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Broadstone Residents' Association - September 2001

The Executive Committee held the September meeting on the 13th. We had invited the Police to visit us, and discuss the amount of damage to property that was occurring in the area. Inspector Mick Rogers and PC Nick Wyer attended, and assured us that although we were a relatively quiet area, they had organised late night patrols and visits by Special Constables to help in keeping known trouble spots under control. However, this did not appear to be substantially reducing the number of toppled walls or 'walking' pots. If you see trouble, try Nick's mobile phone number 07752 607704.

Parking and Planning made their usual appearances, with the toastrack fairy quiet whilst the results to the questionnaire in the last magazine are received, and studied.

The Planning applications were generally acceptable, with one or two exceptions, generally on the grounds of 'too large for the site'. The site of most interest is the development at 16 Story Lane, where the finished building was built to revised and unapproved plans, and has fished up being both noticeably higher and larger than the approved version. The Planning Committee have rejected the revised application, and the site has now gone to the Planning Inspectorate, and if the Inspector says 'No', the builder could be forced to pull parts of the building down and rebuild to acceptable levels. We wait with interest!

The Summer Magazine has been delivered to nearly all Residents, and hopes are high that we will recruit enough new Residents to reach the 3000 figure.

The Committee also looked briefly at the proposed changes to the Ward boundaries for local elections. These are carried out roughly every five years, and as towns grow they need extra Wards. The Council are putting forward two schemes, one leading to 41 Councillors, and the second to 42. The Committee favoured the 41 member scheme, but since Broadstone and Creekmoor were unchanged, it has only minor relevance.

The next Committee Meeting will be on 25th October.

Dudley Hull - Hon. Sec.

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