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Broadstone Residents' Association - October 2001

Last committee meeting on 25th October.

At the start, the Committee was introduced to Andrew Caswell, who had offered to fill the vacant post of Honorary Solicitor. The Committee gratefully accepted the offer.

Footpath No 5 from Corfe Hills School, through to Ashington Cutting. Had been vetoed by English Nature, and so back to negotiations with the Golf Club. The recent Countryside Act, and the 'right to roam' legislation could help the Council to achieve a solution, but still a difficult problem. Action rests with Councillor Williams at present.

Toastrack parking. The votes from the Associations questionnaire are due to be counted after the closure date, Nov 12th. Results will be in the winter Magazine (January), and also passed to the Local Area Committee.

Planning Officers had at last acted on the development at Story Lane, where premises had been erected that were considerably larger than the original submitted plans. The question now was whether the Planning Inspector would support the Council - Dec 4th is the enquiry.

The Association voted a contribution of £100 towards the cost of restoring the War Memorial (1914-1918) Window in St John's Church. This window was designed by Martin Travers, a fairly important designer, and is one of his best pieces of work in the UK. The total cost will be in the region of £16,000, so all contributions to the Vicar will be gratefully received.

Following release of the Summer Magazine, our Street Wardens have done a great job, and we now have achieved our target of 3000 households.

Finally, our Chairman John Noyes is going into hospital for a much needed back Operation. We wish him all best wishes, and look for a successful return.

The next meeting will be on November 29th.

Dudley Hull - Hon. Sec.

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