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Broadstone Residents' Association - January 2002

At the meeting on 17th January, John Noyes returned as Chairman, after satisfactorily recovering from a major back operation.

Before the meeting, the Winter edition of the Association's Magazine was distributed to the Wardens. This issue has 72 pages of articles and advertisements all related to past and present events in the Broadstone area. The cover for this issue, is an aerial photo of the central Broadway area, showing great detail of the roads, shops and surrounding grounds.

At the meeting proper, many issues were raised and some will be pursued in the appropriate channels.

There is still an outstanding question as to how Residents' Associations will figure in the new Community Strategy?

The Chamber of Trade has restored the clock in the Broadway, and thanks are due from all watch-less residents.

The idea of members of the public formally monitoring the state of Public Open Space, will be further discussed at the next Local Area Committee (LAC) meeting.

The Chairman raised the question of encroachment by HJP Builders, whereby they had inadvertently encroached on part of Delph Woods that belonged to the Council. The Council had proposed a solution, whereby the land would be sold to HJP, and the money received would be used to acquire more land for, and enhance the Delph site. We would be pressing the Council for controls to prevent this kind of problem from happening again.

There had also been correspondence with the Ambulance Service, about the 'emergency' use of Dunyeats Road. Very dangerous at times!
The Chairman also posed the question as to how we might celebrate Jubilee Year. Ideas to be discussed at the next meeting. Footpath 5 looked to be stalled again, with the Golf Club pointing out that the 'Right to Roam' did not apply to golf club land, thus nullifying the Council's proposals.

All quiet on the planning front, with trees being the main casualties. The appeal for the office/workshop at 16 Story Lane, is scheduled for 28th January.

The Editor had produced a larger newsletter for the AGM, and the Committee approved the extra expenditure.

The Chamber of Trade had had a very successful Christmas Parade. They were also well pleased that all but two of the Broadway shops were now, or soon would be, occupied.

The local schools continued to perform well, and of major importance was the fact that Andrew Williams, head of Corfe Hills, would be leaving to take up an executive position with the regional education body.

For schools in general, the six term academic year is currently up for consultation, and for Poole Schools the OFSTED report on the area LEA is due on 24th Jan.

The results of the Toastrack Parking survey had been passed to the Council, but the Chamber of Trade had decided to support the option that came second in our poll. So it must lead to further discussion! Perhaps one day we will find an affordable solution, but the problem has been around for so long now, we will all feel lost if it finally goes away - like having no weather.

The AGM was briefly discussed (16th May), and for speakers it was suggested that we arrange presentations from the Methodist Church (On their rebuilding programme) and St John's Church (on the renovation of the Memorial stained glass window)

The next Local Area Committee is to be at Hillbourne Middle School on 22nd Jan at 7.00 pm, and after that on Tues. 19th March

Finally on a more gentle note, Broadstone in Bloom are having an open meeting on 1st February in the Library at 7.30 pm.

From the Secretary
Dudley Hull


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