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Broadstone Residents' Association - December 2002

The main topic at this meeting was how best to integrate with the Local Area Committee meetings that are now held.

It was felt that ideally we should have an early look at the Agenda, which would give us time to clarify our ideas and present a considered view when the meeting took place.

Currently this is not possible as scheduled Committee meetings up till June do not give suitable intervals, but it is hoped to provide a reasonable sequence for the following year. Even so, the Area Committee meets less frequently than the Residents, so problems will occur. When this new sequencing is in place, we will need to develop a quick response scheme, to enable us to pass on genuine residents opinions. Whilst we have our notice boards, this is not a good way to generate feed back, and the local newspapers (Advertiser and Community Magazine) look to be the most likely answer. Ideally we would like to put a weekly snippet in both, but attempts to find a 'Press Officer' have so far proved unsuccessful. Anyone interested???

Committee Members had attended three Council Presentations. One was a training session about the procedures used in the Planning Department, another was the first ideas about the Community Strategy and the third was about the current Budget Strategy, and the likely outcome in terms of Council Tax. Not good news, as more recent events have proved! The recompense to the Council for loss of land at Delph Woods has been agreed, but can not be announced until the final documents are all signed.

Lots of plans for the area, but all really minor modifications, or destruction of trees. If anyone ever takes the time to read the weekly list of Planning Applications, the number of trees that come in the 'Fell' category is horrendous, and these trees are only the ones with Preservation Orders on them.

Next meeting in January will be the issuing of the Winter Magazine, but before then comes Christmas, and we wish all Residents an extremely Happy Season.

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