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Broadstone Residents' Association - January 2003

At the January meeting of the Executive Committee, we were given an interesting talk about the Dorset Police Helicopter. It hovers ceaselessly over every village in the shire - simultaneously - according to received complaints. In practical terms, it is of great value for observation, but even more so in terms of ferrying specialist teams (such as dogs, armed units) to requested locations. It can reach anywhere from its Winfrith base inside 15 Minutes, and sometimes helps out in neighbouring counties.

This meeting was also the launch of our Winter Magazine, and several street wardens stayed for the talk. They found it so enjoyable that when the question of a speaker for our AGM in may was raised, there was an almost unanimous appeal to ask Sergeant Blake to come again. So if you have an interest in the helicopter and how it is used, May 15th 7.30 at St John's Church Hall is the place to be.

The Association had received a letter from PC Nick Wyer, outlining actions taken against juveniles. There had been a check on underage purchase of alcohol (not very good results), truancy in the town centre (none from Broadstone), general vandalism and damage (7 ringleaders identified, and a number of followers reported to their parents).

Broadstone in Bloom have their Annual Meeting in the Library on 24th. Officers had been to Council led meetings concerned with the newly formed Local Strategic Partnership, budgets, the new Poole Bridge and the Local Area committee. At the latter, it was reported that some (approx. 25%) of the compensation for encroachment at Delph Woods, would be ploughed back into the access and parking facilities at the Delph.

There was also a positive report about management of the Pine Springs Local Nature Reserve, and a general acceptance of the management plan. The question of flooding of the car park in front of the Scouts Hall in Dunyeats road was also raised, but it appears with the current design it is near impossible to provide adequate drainage when the rains are very heavy.

Planning issues in the Ward had been fairly quiet, apart from a couple of cases where plans had been submitted, to turn bungalows into houses.

The Chamber of Trade were progressing well under their new Chairman, and had recently had a look at the 1995 Disabled Discrimination Act, with a view to improving matters throughout the Broadway.

On the education front, the new Head for Corfe Hills, Mr Hinchliffe, would be starting in the Autumn. Poole would be making a decision soon on whether to adopt a six term year or not.

Dorset Federation had discussed the questions of access and noise when Buzz Airlines started running from Hurn. Buzz used reasonably quiet aircraft - Boeing 737-300s, but both problems would cause inconvenience to local people. 'Travellers' were still a problem across the County, not only the travellers themselves, but also their animals which were often tethered on public open space for grazing.

Our next meeting will be on 27th February at 7.30 PM in the Library.

This report prepared for, by
Dudley Hull, Secretary.
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