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Broadstone Residents Committee Meeting - AGM on May 15th 2003
The AGM followed the normal course of the meeting, with a Chairman's Report, outlining the achievements and failures of the last 12 months, followed by election of Officers for the coming year.

Two of our existing Officers were seeking to bow out. Bernard Rye, our treasurer for the last 10 years, had decided that it was time to hang-up his cheque book, and Frank Wood who had organised the Street Wardens and the delivery of the Magazine was also finding life too difficult.

Luckily we had found a willing volunteer, Roger Jefferies to undertake the Treasurer's post, and John Sayers had agreed to take on the post of Assistant Chief Warden for the next year, with a view to taking on full responsibility next year.

After the formal session, we had an interval for wine and cheese followed by a talk from Constable Phil Cottrell of the Dorset Police Air Support Unit, telling us about the Police helicopter. The talk started with a minor hiccough, with the portable PC presentation not responding to THE PASSWORD, but Phil made light work of such difficulties, and with his in depth knowledge of being both in the air, and in earlier days, being on the ground, gave us an entertaining picture of how the machine was used, and the accrued benefits, particularly with regard to heath fires.

Altogether the picture was one of a very useful, though expensive piece of equipment, but overall, because it could rapidly transfer specialist personnel (e.g. armed police) to anywhere in Dorset inside 15 minutes, it looked to have economic benefits as well.

The meeting closed with a lively question time, and lots of appreciative thanks.


We were pleased to welcome our newly elected Councillors, David Newell, and Mike Brooke (Husband of our local M.P.)

The Secretary distributed a set of modified dates for the Executive Committee, to line up with the new arrangements for the Local Area Committee, where we now joined up with Merley and Bearwood Wards.

One area we approached earlier, was an open discussion with the County Constabulary about their budget plans. They had replied to tell us that they were unable to talk to differing Associations, and had passed the task of consultation to a firm of private consultants.

The Committee also reviewed the various grants we had promised for this year. Currently this was over £600, and our new treasurer felt we could pay these now, without running into a cash-flow crisis.

Sad to say, after the main contractors had gone into receivership, the new Methodist Church/Community Centre, was not being further developed, until a new organisation could be set up.

The Summer Issue of the Magazine was at the printers, and would be due for issue on 12th August. Early reports from street wardens indicated that the rise in subscription rates was not causing any loss of membership.

The Chamber of Trade had confirmed its Executive for the coming year, and the only Change was for the post of Secretary, where Don Harris had resigned, and the new Secretary was to be Bob Williams. He is very interested in the application of the new Disabilities Act, which comes into effect shortly, and the next issue of our Magazine will carry a brief questionnaire which will try to establish the scope of the 'problem' in Broadstone.

Finally the Chairman tabled some amendments to the Constitution, to cover proposed new attendance and voting measures in line with the new meetings strategy for LAC attendance. Such changes would be reviewed at the next Exec. Meeting.

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Dudley Hull Secretary.

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