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Broadstone Residents' Executive Committee Meeting - June 2003

At the June Meeting of the Executive Committee, we welcomed the newly elected Councillors, and our new treasurer.

Discussions about the grants to Broadstone organisations, raised the matter that so far this year the raise in membership subscriptions had not led to any loss of membership. Money was going to the Football Club, Broadstone in Bloom, the Methodist church/community centre, and to the URC to help with provision of a disabled toilet. This latter is to comply with the forthcoming implementation of the Disabilities Act. (See the Summer Issue of the Residents' Magazine.) There was some discussion about the future of the tree outside the Methodist Church, but it looks likely that permission to fell the tree will be refused.

The Summer Magazine was at the printers, and all advertising has been sold. August 12th was to be distribution day.

Traffic congestion in the Broadway had been considerably eased, partly thanks to the new shape of the traffic island, and partly due to the reduced clearing time of the pedestrian crossing.

The Chamber of Trade announced a change of Secretary with Don Harris retiring after many years service, and Bob Williams becoming the new Secretary. The CoT were interested to get a 'feel' for the number of disabled in the area, and to get some feedback there is a questionnaire to be issued with the Summer Magazine.

The Committee agreed to match their own Committee Meetings with the local area committee meetings, (Now Broadstone and Bearwood, not Broadstone and Creekmoor), but this led to a long gap with the next meeting not until Sept. 4th.

Written for Broadstone.Net by D J Hull, Secretary

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