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Residents Annual General Meeting, 20th May 2004

The AGM was well supported, with our MP Annette Brooke and all the Broadstone Councillors present.

The formal business, with re-election of Officers, together with a new Education Officer was carried out with Unanimous approval. Our thanks are due to the retiring officers, Margaret Roebuck and Frank Wood for their efforts over the years.

The Chairman commented on the major topics over the year, some of which showed progress - Broadstone traffic congestion, co-operation with Chamber of Trade and Neighbourhood Watch, also with Poole Partnership. We had also made over £700 in grants to local organisations, and he felt had some useful input to Council Tax. However Footpath 5 had made no progress whatsoever - a familiar story.

He also said how interesting the visit to White's recycling facility had been, and in particular the use they made of methane to provide their own power.

The Treasurer presented a 15 month account, which showed finances to be in a healthy state, with no drop in membership for 2004, despite the rise in the annual fee. Still 3000+ members.

Our President, Ken Fleming, took the Chair whilst John Noyes was re-elected as Chairman, and added his welcome to our MP, Councillors and the good number of members who had attended.

Once back in the Chair, John Noyes had to push through a change to our Constitution, which moved our accounting year from the Calendar year to the financial (April to April). He also ascertained that the members agreed with the policy of distributing spare monies to Broadstone clubs and societies.

After this there was one question from the floor about a development in Sutherland Avenue, which unfortunately related to a decision made some three years ago, which was unlikely to be changed.

The meeting then adjourned for refreshments - mainly wine and savouries - thanks to John Sayers and his wife, who look after us well.

The second half of the meeting was a talk and computer presentation given by Bernie Topham, Poole's Policy Director for Regeneration.She started by outlining the 5 Priorities that had emerged from the initial consultation about peoples requirements from the new bridge and the development of under used land on both sides of the Holes Bay channel.

This led to design studies for both the bridge itself and the kinds of buildings and layouts required for quayside and residential/light industry areas of development. This was likely to involve a bridge, over one mile of quayside, 3000 new homes including 1200 affordable homes, open space, schools and shops, and offices/hotels/small businesses providing a community spirit for 6000 local people.

There were obvious problems, in that Poole did not own much of the land, and would require both developer involvement and contribution to achieve the results outlined in the Streetscape Report.

However Ms Topham felt confident that the end results would be achieved, but that it would take some time. The current estimates for the Bridge itself were that the first phase - A transport and works act Application - would be successful by early 2006, and building would start then for completion in 2008 (or later).

The talk was incredibly interesting, and questions went on into the late evening, and our thank are due to Bernie for a splendid evening.



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