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Residents Association Committee Meeting, 13th January 2005

The suggestion to distribute the next Newsletter to all homes in Broadstone, and invite all non-members to join the Association had been progressed, and the quote for 5500 copies was agreed.

BRA had been asked to submit a response to the suggested strategies for our 'Local Development Framework', which will supersede the Local Area plan, and form a component in the new Regional Spatial Strategy.

The question of Council Tax was raised, and the answers seem awfully familiar. Despite repeated attempts to improve our lot, Poole together with many other South Coast authorities continues to receive the lowest government grants, which leads to education on a shoe-string, and even tougher budgets for other services. It looks as if 5.3% increase will be the agreed figure.

There had been an increase in unwanted anti-social behaviour lately, with particular troubles in the library car park. The Police were watching the situation, but all this achieved was to move the groups elsewhere. If one wishes to report such activity, 222222 is the number to ring.

Planning continued to be a sequence of building flats in place of large houses, and bungalows in the back gardens of other dwellings. The most notable case is at 2 Ridgeway, where a block of 6 flats is proposed. This would follow the destruction of an attractive small Victorian Mansion, in what is now a specified Conservation Area. It would also give rise to a dangerous traffic situation at the entrance to Ridgeway.

The Chamber of Trade reported a successful Christmas Parade, with reasonable sums of money distributed to 10 Charities. The raffle to boost the Christmas Lights fund, had not been as successful as hoped, and there would need to be a revised strategy for this year.

Regarding the local schools, the OFSTED report for Poole had been excellent, despite the financial restrictions. Dorset County Council were looking at their approach to 2 or 3 tier schools, and this would be certain to affect Poole's thinking on the matter.

Broadstone Middle School had obtained a grant for £76000 to upgrade their all purpose games area. Alas there was no money included for upgrading the lighting - a further £25000 - but perhaps this could come from the Section 106 agreements levied on all sizeable new developments. Broadstone Schools had supported a move to allow free parking in the

Dorset Federation had been considering two major transportation initiatives. First was the deepening of the harbour channel to allow a larger Brittany Ferries vessel to run daily. This would also be deep enough to give access to small cruise ships. The other big change was at Hurn Airport, where two new budget airlines, would be bringing a further 1000 passengers a day. Lots of new jobs, lots of extra noise, lots of traffic congestion and a capacity problem for the airport. Good or Bad??



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