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Residents Association Executive Committee Meeting, 4th August 2005

The Summer Magazine was passed out to the Wardens, who now have well over 3000 copies to deliver, and to squeeze subscriptions out of pockets and purses.

The latest Neighbourhood Watch figures had risen to new highs for the year, but PC Wyer had been away, and our application to be Alcohol Free was still stuck.

The final plans for the Footpath 5 - Ashington Cutting link were on display. It is now down to finance.

Planning contained a lot of 'Revised Plans' that did not differ from originals, and it looked as if applicants felt they could wear down the planning team.

There had been more applications in Poole for a series of Vodaphone masts, and there was to be a short presentation on the new plans. However this was largely irrelevant, as the Telecom operators had the rights to put aerials on any site they chose.

Chamber of Trade had reached their Christmas Lights target, and purchased 15 new panels. They had enough cash to cover the £1800 installation costs this year, but would need further finances in future years.

Once again, noise from flights in and out of Hurn was raised. The noise had increased due to the number of flights, but was certainly less due to quieter aircraft. However there was now more night flying, as Royal Mail sent and received much of their long distance mail by air.


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