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Residents Association Meeting, 24th November 2005

Report on the Executive Committee meeting held on Thursday 24th November, 2005, in Broadstone Library.

Cllr Brooke said that the Council had made no move toward this idea, and David Williams added that the responsibility had now devolved upon the Police. They had such limited resources to undertake this kind of work, and could only present a case if the Community provided a lot of evidence. Currently there was little significant crime to report.

The next Local Area Committee would be discussing ‘Broadstone’ interests, regarding the telephone mast near Mallow Close, and the installation of mini goal posts on theopen area at Lewesdon Road.

A further Budget and Council Tax meeting for Residents Associations had been arranged for 12th Dec.

There was a discussion about the poor state of decoration in the Macaulay Rd toilets, which was forwarded to CPS There was also a query as to whether there should be any sign showing the location.

The Chairman gave details about the current state or the Footpath 5 enquiry. Three objections had been raised, by English Nature, Transportation Department and Alan Foster. The outcome was also still dependant on comments from the Golf Club. He was not sure of timescales.

The new Broadstone History was now nearly complete, and we were looking at ways of getting the book properly put together, and then published. Minster Press estimated the start-up costs for a 200-page book, to be in the £5000 -£7000 bracket. This would put the selling price higher than the original £5.00 target.

Discussion about the Broadway clock had reached a stage where we keep the clock face and bezel, and provide a new mains or solar powered motion, capable of being updated by radio signal. We had agreed to pay £1000.00 towards this development.

Leisure Services were applying for a blanket entertainment licence, up till 23.00 hrs, for all their major sites in the Borough. The licence was for entertainment only, not alcohol. BRA were to object on behalf of the area as such events could well provide both litter and noise problems for nearby residents.

Planning applications were unremarkable, but at least the proposed back development behind the houses on Dunyeats Rd, with access from the end of the East side of Ridgeway looked likely to fail.

Finances looked very sound We have now received nearly all the monies we are due to receive this year, with a current surplus of. £2,701, but we have still the cost of the Winter Magazine to pay.

The Winter Magazine 2005/2006, would be ready for distribution on 12th Jan 2006

The Chamber of Trade were installing 15 new lights plus 10 of the old lights for the Christmas display. The CHRISTMAS PARADE would be starting at 13.25 hrs on DECEMBER 3rd.

Don Rogers said at present the main problems for head teachers were providing infant schooling for the whole year, and talking with the LEA about harmonisation of secondary age groups.

Most Committee members agreed with the proposal that at the next AGM, the Broadstone Community Band would provide a short concert in the church.



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