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Residents Association Meeting, 23rd February 2006

At the meeting held on Thursday 23rd February 2006, in Broadstone Library. The first item discussed was the clock in the Broadway. No one was keen to get the clock down, but John Milhofer had been speaking with Don Harris, and it looked as if there could be a lower cost method of dealing with the problem.

Regarding refreshments for the AGM, John Sayers felthe could do it at a lower cost than Vikki Slade, and the meeting agreed to ask John to continue for another year.

PC Nick Wyer had changed jobs and was giving up the role of Broadstone beat policeman. We would get a replacement ... when??

Footpath 5 had passed all relevant parties, except the Golf Club, where it was up for discussion at their AGM on 3rd March. It was likely to be approved, and the question of finance would come into play.

Despite concerted opposition, the application for a block entertainment licence had been granted for Plainfield Farm.

JN had received a reply to his letter regarding the public toilet. There was currently a contract open for tender to refurbish all the toilets in the Borough. Members pointed out that the outside of the building was currently being painted, and the interior was repainted soon after..

The History of Broadstone was approaching a final proof stage. Remaining work was mainly integrating pictures and maps with the text. Once a finished copy is available on disk, printers will be giving firmer estimates of cost, and we will be trying to raise funding. We are still aiming at a target price of £5.00 per copy.

There was a short discussion about the 'quality' of the material. In general it was acceptable, but those who had seen the text felt at times it was unbalanced, and concentrated too heavily on certain aspects of Broadstone Social Life. John Milhofer asked what we felt about a picture for the front cover, and general agreement was for a shot of St John's.


Don Rogers presented a sizeable consultation report from BoP outlining the plans for re-organizing the schools in Poole to have a harmonised approach to the ages of pupil transfer.

Currently there are 42 supported schools in Poole, with 11 different types. OFSTED have stated that this must be rationalised, and Poole is recommending transfer to secondary education at age 11. This means changes to many schools, some increasing in size, some All the Broadstone schools (as they exist at this time) would be closed. Staff and equipment would be moved as required to the new schools. The site of Broadstone First School would be surplus to educational requirements and could be disposed of. The other school buildings would be adapted to cater for the new schools. The Corfe Hills site would become an (enlarged) 11-18 school. The Middle school site would become a 3 form entry Primary school. The Springdale site would become a 1 form entry Primary school.



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