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Residents Association Meeting, 11th January 2007

Summary of the Executive Committee meeting held on Thursday 11th January 2007.

Pat Talbot took the Chair.

Our President reported that the Broadway Clock was now installed and working well.

There was a brief discussion about the very muddy path round Pocket Park

Pat Talbot introduced Roy Gregory, who was to assist in monitoring Planning Matters.

We had had an indirect request from Broadstone in Bloom, to provide a grant for purchase of plants, following the Councils restriction on hanging baskets , etc. A figure of £250 was proposed and accepted by the meeting.

The treasurer painted a healthy position for our finances, and sales of the New History of Broadstone were going well. Our problem currently was one of supply, and it looked as if we would easily cover the printing costs and the colour covers.

John Milhofer told the meeting that to date we had sold the first 200 copies, and that we had orders for 100 more. He was about to order a further batch, and it seemed that a suitable figure would be 300. Since printing was now digital, smaller batches were no problem to the printers.

We would soon be printing our Spring Newsletter, and a decision was taken to print 3600, keeping last year’s format.

Don Rogers commented on the high turnover of teachers, mainly due to teachers seeking promotion at other schools, and the difficulties for teachers moving into the area, particularly house prices. He cited Broadstone First, who had lost 12 teachers in the last 18 months, 6 of whom had moved for promotional reasons, with possibly more to go soon. Yet results were still splendid.

On the planning front, Pat Talbot provided a report for the last two Months. There had been 45 applications, with 54 lower Blandford Rd, which had been refused and resubmitted with a revised plan, and 4 Golf Links, where an older house was to be demolished and a new property (£1.25 million) 34 Charborough Rd was to go ahead despite strong opposition on grounds of look and appearance.

PAT was asked to write to Peter Watson asking if ‘Character and Appearance’ was still of any relevance.

The Broadstone Hotel was now re-opened as a public house, but we still had no information on the long term future.

For Neighbourhood Watch, David Williams reminded us that their AGM was on 23rd May. He added that our support PC (PC Kelly) had been promoted to full PC status, which may mean she will move on. There was some discussion on police/youth schemes around the world, and LB pointed out that we have quite a lot of schemes already in Poole, but there is a group of young people that chooses to work outside of these initiatives.

Our AGM is approaching and we were asked if we wanted another concert/quiz/speaker?

After some discussion it was felt that a speaker would be welcome and the choice lay between Lifeboats or Dorset Records Office. The Chairman (PAT) said he would give the matter some thought and come back with a definite suggestion for the next meeting, which is on Thurs. February 22nd 2007.



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