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GreenhouseThere are signs of spring showing everywhere now so time to get busy. Seeds of tomatoes can be grown now, provided you can grow them on in a greenhouse, if you want to grow them outside, then wait a bit longer. If you are only growing 2 or 3 then it may be cheaper to buy plants as the seed of F1 varieties can be quite expensive. Hardy annuals can also be sown now. Plant larger seeds in individual spaces, smaller seed in small pots and then pricked out.

Complete pruning of gooseberries, and red and white currants. Cut down any remaining growth on perennials and deciduous grasses before the new shoots appear. Protect the new shoots from slugs etc. Divide plants such as Hosta and Hemerocallis as new shoots appear. If you have grown shrubs such as Cornus and Salix for the winter colour, now is the time to cut them back to produce new shoots. Complete pruning of roses and clematis. This is a good time to be planting new shrubs and roses because the soil will be warming up now. Weeds will be growing fast, so keep them under control and then add some general purpose fertiliser and then a layer of mulch to keep the moisture in the soil. The daffodils will soon be flowering. When the flowers have died, pinch the flower heads off but leave the foliage to die back naturally as it will feed the bulbs to form next years flowers.

(photo - greenhouse)

Denise Hill
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